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Specification For Gum Boot (weigh 7")

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Name of product : Rainy Wear Boots
1 Design : Wellington
2 Size : 6 to 10
3 Height of Boot (M.M.) : 365 5
4 Reinforcement : Complete body reinforced with heavy duty textile lining Cotton
  1. Toe : 3.0 mm
  2. Vamp : 2.5 mm
  3. Counter : 4.5 mm
  4. Leg / Ankle : 1.5 mm
  1. Sole (Overall) : 12.5 mm
  2. Heel Overall) : 28.0 mm
5 Thickness ( min ) :
6 Materials (Sole)(Upper) : Polyvinyl Chloride + Rubberised Compound

: Polyvinyl Chloride (Soft) + Rubberised Compound
7 Hardness : Sole/Heel 605 A
8 Sole Design : Anti-skid Lug Sole
9 Flexing Endurance (Min) (D Mattia) (Ross) :
  1. Upper: 1,50,000 Cycles (De Matin)
  2. Sole: 50,000 Cycles (Ross)
10 Leak proof : No leakage when air with pressure of 0.15 Kg is forced into the BOOTS
11 Special Features :
  1. Kick Off Spur-for easier extraction of foot from the Boot.
  2. Resistant to mild acid / alkali (20% concentration) BOOTS are resistant to attach by general Acid/Alkali upto 20% concentration; the change
in hardness after immersion in 20% Acid / Alkali for 48 hrs is not more than 3 A.
12 Electrical Strength :
32 KV (rms)
13 Application : General-purpose industrial boot resistant to mild Acid / Alkal

Safety optional extras are available in the form of steel toe caps and resistant to oils, fats, blood, chemicals and acids. Wellingtons are typically used in mining, quarrying and construction and these represent probably the toughest and most dangerous working conditions possible. In certain circumstances high visibility colors need to be used. Some are available as standard but any color can be accommodated providing the other size makes this economical.

The prime design purpose of protective waterproof
Rainy Wear Boots is to keep water and other liquids away from the feet. This causes the feet to sweat more than they would in conventional footwear and excessive sweat built up can cause skin problems.

Quality & features
Our Gum Boots are made from Polyvinyl chloride varion (PVC). It is soft, light, comfortable & durable. The Gumboots are available with lining/ without lining. The boots are manufactured from one-piece mould so they are totally leak- proof and offers high resistance to oil, acids and alkalis. Maintaining European standard quality, we are using (ISI) Marked Steel Toe Cap. Our shoes are designed pure PVC and rubberised compound. These shoes can be worn even in -20 degree celsius temperature. All the shoes are made on imported machines and dies and double color with steel toe cap.

Our production unit is spread over an area of 10, 000 sq. ft. which has the capacity of three stores. We are equipped with all modern machinery needed to conduct our business. We use imported machines in our plant to manufacture shoes. We maintain a pool of leather experts and designers with wide knowledge and experience. We offer a congenial and productive work environment to our personnel in order to increase their efficiency and explore their talent up to its fullest. We adhere to norms and regulations as formulated and prescribed by the Govt. of our country.

Our client list is the testimonial of our quality products and services. We have a wide client base across the globe. The overwhelming responses we got in our home country have helped us to transcend the national boundary and establish ourselves as a reliable supplier of the Gum Boots in foreign lands. Today our supply lands up in all the continents. The clients are the most valued visitor in our premise.